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This quiz can be used to stimulate a dialogue with your partner or as a self awareness tool. The information was gathered by members of the Community Council Against Violence and may be duplicated and used by anyone.

Yes No Sometimes
1. Does your partner question where you go?
2. Question who you see?
3. Question who you talk to?
4. Question what you do?
5. Put you down?
6. Play mind games with you?
7. Call you names?
8. Make you feel bad about yourself?
9. Keep you from getting a job?
10. Give you an allowance?
11. Take your money?
12. Criticize your spending?
13. Intimidate you?
14. Smash your things?
15. Make threats to leave you?
16. Make threats to commit suicide if you leave?
17. Make all the important decisions?
18. Treat you like a servant?
19. Belittle your work?
20. Make you feel less important?
21. Hit you?
22. Push or shove you?
23. Threaten to hurt you?
24. Become angry with you often?
25. Make you do sexual things against your will?
26. Make fun of your sexual parts?
27. Care only about themselves during sex?
28. Treat you like a sex object?
29. Care little about your opinion?
30. Let you do all the mundane chores?
31. Neglect to give you support when you ask for it?
32. Spend more time away from you?
33. Never share his/her feelings?
34. Leave you out of important conversations on issues?
35. Enjoy being with friends more than with you?
36. Get jealous when someone pays you attention?
37. Criticize you for your mistakes?
38. Have mood swings that affect how you behave?


If you have answered yes, to more than 10 of these questions you could be involved in an unhealthy relationship

Healthy relationships require the following:

  • mutual respect and consideration for each others needs

  • caring about each others feelings

  • sharing household work

  • sharing child care

  • sharing of important decisions

  • supporting each other in difficult times

  • open and honest communication

  • trusting one another

  • intimacy and willingness to compromise

  • a mutual commitment to work and grow together